Ava J Bernstine, affectionately called Flava, native to Los Angeles, is one of the Industry’s sought after dancers. She is a well-versed dancer whose dance style is influenced by, but not limited to her hip-hop, jazz, ballet and contemporary training.

Ava has toured the world with artists such as Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears.  Some of her other credits include Usher, Chris Brown and Nikki Minaj and the feature film “ LaLa Land.” 

Around 2010, Ava took her passion for dance and became an activist for dancers joining like minded individuals of the Dancers’ Alliance committee.  In 2012, she sat on the panel representing DA when they won the decades-long campaign for an industry-changing union music video contract through SAG-AFTRA.  She is committed to the continual growth and change of the dance industry and the education of dancers. 

Ava has also worked along side Debbie Allen since 2001, assisting her in multiple projects and teaching at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy.  She is a young, energetic, and passionate dancer who, although teaches, is humbled and considers herself to still be a student of the art.

She enjoys teaching and believes that it is important as a dancer to know your history, and because dance is ever evolving, know where it’s going. Her style is fun, hard-hitting and funky and often has influences from her modern and jazz training. Although feminine, she can get down just as hard as the guys. Ava's favorite quote: "Why Walk, When You Can Dance?"

Ava’s Hip Hop Class (Intermediate/Advanced): This is a choreography based Hip Hop class with a collaborative groove warm-up. You will find this class to have elements of traditional hip hop but not limited to the one style; infusing other styles to broaden the experience but focusing on dynamics, texture, musicality and always keeping it funky.

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