Pete Styles, is born and raised in London England. Though has been living and working in Los Angeles for 5 years. He has danced and choreographed for artists such asGwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams , Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes, Will I am, Britney Spears and more.

His class at Playground LA is called, “Cardio Groove Theory”. Which is all based around Fitness, dance and groove based social dances. This is not a choreography based class. It is seen more as a tag along, following exactly what Pete is doing at the front of the class.

The concept of this is to keep you moving while occasionally being broken down the movement to how exactly it is supposed to be done. This is in regards to the physical aspect! More than anything this class is fun and for all walks of life! It’s for the professional dancer and also for the person which wants to learn a few moves while also working on their fitness.

Be prepared to sweat and meet new people!

It is based on building stamina, learning different dance steps while learning the theory behind how it’s really done.

Follow Pete on Instagram: @petestyles22